Breathe You In

You tell me
You're just 'round there if I need you
And I need you
More than I should say
Fold into me
Let me wrap you up
Only to unwrap you
And then lay you bare

I need to breathe you in
Trace your neck
Taste your skin
Your eyes are burning mine
Oh my god
You're so fine
I need to breathe again
Let me take you in
Let me lay you down with me

I thought you
Were trying to stay out of trouble
Yet you're here now
Talking to me
Surely you know
I wanna undress you
Right here, right now
Right where you stand

You lean against a chair
And cut a fine outline
Can I come over there
And step across the line
I'll tell you something
It's nothing much
I want you badly, that is all
And that's enough
Lyrics Credits: Daniel Maguire
Music Credits: Daniel Maguire
Producer Credits: Sam Brown
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits:
Label Credits:
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Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 3:59
Primary Genre: Rock-Alternative
Secondary Genre: -