What Do I Do With That?

I can't hold your gaze
I'm cowardly
I only look away
'Cause I don't know what it means
Maybe it's nothing
But equally
It could be everything
And everything in between

You are so close to me
Yet I'm far from knowing you

What do I do with that
Where do I look
When you look at me like that
And what hope do I have
When I'm hopelessly
Wanting what I shouldn't have
How am I meant to act
When I can't say
In fact I want you fucking bad
What do I do with that

I wish you wouldn't
I tell a lie
Do it again and again
'Til the end of time
Is it illusion
Deluded mind
It could all go to hell
In the post paradise

All of your beauty
Overwhelms me
I am mute and paralysed
While underneath I weep
I ache for you each night
You lock your eyes on mine
But I cannot shoot back
I pray this isn't a game you play
Of mortal combat
Lyrics Credits: Daniel Maguire
Music Credits: Daniel Maguire
Producer Credits: Sam Brown
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits:
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Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 3:41
Primary Genre: Rock-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Rock-Indie/Low-Fi